About Me

My name is Robert Jackson and I created Travel by Season, having both worked and travelled many different countries in both the summer and winter, I grew a passion to share this with you now. The purpose behind Travel by season is to provide you with information, inspiration, tips and advice, that I have acquired through my own experience.

Back in November 2017 I had a strong desire to change my life, I wanted a new challenge, to visit new places and meet new people. I spent a few nights exploring the internet trying to put some sort of an idea together, traveling was definitely on the agenda. However I didn’t have the money to travel so I knew working had to be involved somewhere.

After several nights of searching the internet looking for my new life, I came across the idea of working in a ski resort, with the winter season just on the horizon, I applied for many jobs from chalet host, driver, nanny and even bar work.

Many interviews later I got a job!! So within just a few weeks I quit my regular job, sold my car, packed my bags and went to France.

Since then I have grown and developed as a person, through every new experience comes a new opportunity. I now visit destinations that previously were only a dream. I made that happen and you can too!

Follow me and keep reading as with every blog post I aim to share my experiences, my photos, my opinion and my knowledge.