Budapest City Guide

I recently visited Budapest for the very first time and loved everything, from the incredible architecture to the delicious food. This blog contains everything that I manged to do during my 48 hours in Hungary’s Capital, plus a list of things to do next time.

Things to know before you go

  • The local language is of course Hungarian, although many people in the capital speak good English.
  • Local currency is Hungarian Forint.
  • The airport is around 30 minutes away from the city centre.


Flights can vary in price a lot for Budapest some flights can be £40 and others £130, from my experience I found London seemed to be the cheapest to fly from. In particular Luton Airport, I discovered flights that were £25 each way, absolute bargain. I flew out from Liverpool and returned to Manchester, the flights cost me around £60 each, if you can get a similar price you have done well.


I booked my accommodation through Airbnb, in a beautiful, secure small apartment located on the Pest side of the city, with easy access to everything. On Airbnb you will find plenty of decent small apartments costing around £15 to £25 per night, which is excellent value for money. If you are looking for something more luxurious this can cost £50+ per night. I found hotels to be very expensive, something to note if you want to keep accommodation costs down.

Local Food you should try.

I tried two local specialties during my 2 day visit, one which is known as a Langos, this is a fried dough with various different toppings, I had sour cream and cheese on my Langos. I had this for lunch on both days, one Langos will easily feed two people and can be found in many places around the city. The second local food I tried was a Chimney cake, this is dough cooked in the shape of a chimney that can be covered in many different flavours and toppings I had cinnamon and sugar, Perfect to satisfy that sweet craving.

What should you do?

Parliament Building

This building sits proudly on the Danube river banking and looks stunning from all angles. There is a museum you can access via the staircase pictured below that explains the events of what is known as Bloody Thursday, this was a tragic event that happened here back in 1956.

Castle District

Castle District can be found on the Buda side of the city, it’s home to the famous Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias church and the Buda Castle along with many more things to see.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Built overlooking the Danube and surrounding the Matthias Church, this landmark provides breathtaking views over to the pest side of the city. (My favourite part of Budapest). This area can be crowded as everyone fights for space to take a photo. However located up some steps which you can access for around £3, you will find an almost empty section, a perfect opportunity to get those glamorous Instagram shots.

Matthias Church

Positioned in front of the Fisherman’s bastion. This church is arguably the most unique in Europe, during the Turkish invasion it was even used as a Mosque. Tours are available that allow you access to the top of the bell tower, something I didn’t manage to do, however would like to next time.

Central Budapest

Budapest Eye

See the city from a whole new perspective via the Budapest eye, as it spins you 65 metres into the sky. This can be done day or night as it remains open until 11pm, this will cost around £9. Surrounding the eye is plenty of outdoor bars and a small park, great for those sunny days.


Gaze up at the beautiful building as it towers over you, positioned in a square filled with several restaurants and cafes. If you are in this area and fancy a snack, check out a Donut shop called, The Box. These were honestly the best donuts I have ever eaten in my entire life.

The Citadella

Positioned at the top of Gellert hill. This area offers incredible panoramic views of the entire city. Hang around to see the sunset and watch as this spectacular city lights up the night sky.

Heroes’ Square

Just a short bus ride from the city centre, this square is situated between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Art (Kunsthalle). The square is filled with statues and monuments of Kings and Freedom fighters, plus there is a cool Budapest sign. Within just a short walk, you can discover the Vajdahunyad castle with its beautiful gardens, with a lake surrounding the castle, you can choose from several outdoor activities such as renting a paddle boat. Lastly this section of Budapest is where you will find the Zoo, takes around 3 hours to complete, a perfect activity to fill a morning or an afternoon and costs around £9.

Things I would like to do next time

As with most holidays and city breaks we usually leave saying “oh we should have done this” I certainly left Budapest thinking this. With so much to do in the Hungarian capital I’d say it’s near impossible to do everything in just a couple of days. I will be returning some time soon and this is a list of things I would like to do next time.

  • Immerse myself in the famous Baths.
  • Eat Goulash.
  • Take a ride on the Budapest eye.
  • Enjoy a calm evening cruise on the Danube river.
  • Discover the inside of the Matthias Church.
  • Revisit the Fisherman’s Bastion (I loved it that much).

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Las Vegas Guide

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Except for this experience, this came back with me.

This guide will give you the information you need to know in preparation for your visit to Las Vegas. From the moment you arrive at the airport it’s quite clear you’re in Vegas, as even the airport looks like a casino, also you couldn’t really miss this huge welcome sign!

Las Vegas Airport


Downtown Vegas, the original strip, also know as the best area for casinos according to many locals, so well worth a visit.
The Mob Museum can be found here, where you can learn about the history of Vegas and how its foundations began, standard admission is around $26.95.

The Linq High Roller Observation Wheel

See Vegas from an entire different angle, with an unforgettable ride up, to 550 feet into the clouds. Lasting around 30 minutes and can be done both day or night, tickets start from around $22. The view is gorgeous, however it’s a challenge trying to get good pictures through the glass of the bubble.

Vegas Strip

Stroll around Caesar’s palace or stick around for the Bellagio fountain show which happens in every 30 minutes. The area is full of hotels, shops and casinos, if you venture further up the strip you will find the iconic Vegas sign, perfect for your next profile picture.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower viewing deck, sitting at half the height of the actual Eiffel tower will provide a view of the Vegas from an incredible perspective. Tickets start at around $16, however they have great offers on several different packages, so worth checking for the best deal.

Vegas Strip at Night

Watch the sunset as it disappears behind the Bellagio to discover why it’s known as the city of lights. With many live entertainment shows and circus acts to watch there is always something to do, if nothing else you can try your luck in the casinos.

The Grand Canyon

Surround yourself in the spectacular landscapes of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Nothing will quite prepare you for the moment you first set your eyes on the canyon, a photo simply doesn’t do it justice. This unforgettable experience cost me around $120 including lunch and transport, worth every cent. A bus will collect you from your hotel and take you on the long drive to the Canyon. Stops on route usually include other tourist hot spots such as the Hoover dam and Route 66.

When booking the attractions, shop around as many websites offer you different packages, you can save a lot of money this way.

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1.Ina Coolbirth park

Offering incredible views of the city both during the day and night, this hidden gem can be found on Taylor street.

City view from Ina Coolbirth park. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

2. Oakland Bay Bridge

Often forgotten as Golden gate bridge draws the crowd however defiantly worth a look.

Oakland Bay Bridge. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

3. Rincorn Park

This waterfront park offers stunning views of Oakland bay bridge and has a sculpture of a giant bow and arrow, known as Cupids span.

Cupids Span. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

4. Golden Gate Bridge

Can be seen from multiple view points such as West bluff picnic area, the visitors centre and Golden Gate view point check them all out to see the bridge from different perspectives.

Golden Gate bridge. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

5. Walk along Golden Gate bridge

Walking along the Golden gate bridge offers a great experience and an opportunity to get away from the crowds.

Golden Gate bridge. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

6. Crissy field east beach

Walk along this sandy beach whilst soaking in the stunning views.

Golden Gate bridge from Crissy Field beach. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

7. Visit Lambar Street

A famously unique street surrounded by beautiful flower beds.

Lambar Street. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

8. Watch the sunset

On a clear day catch the Sunset, head to Municipal pier for the best view.

Sunset view from Municipal pier. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

9. Pier 39

This pier offers lovely scenic views of the waterfront and Alcatraz island.

Alcatraz Island. Photo taken by Rob Jackson

10. Fishermans wharf

Boasts an array of shops and restaurants this area brings in a crowd being one of the top tourist areas in San Francisco, if your lucky you might see the sea lions that often make an appearance along this waterfront.

Fishermans Wharf waterfront. Photo taken by Rob Jackson