Top 5 Bucket list Experiences

Recently I added my travel bucket list to my website, and this got me thinking. Which experience has been the most incredible so far and why? So I decided to share this with you all and create a post that covers my top 5.

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5. South African Safari

In the summer of 2017 I visited a private game reserve close to Port Elizabeth. Volunteering there allowed me to stay for two weeks at an affordable price, plus I was able to support the maintenance of all animals and the game reserve. I saw nature at its finest when a group of lions fed on a Zebra (One group witnessed the kill! I’m not jealous at all). Having seen 4 of the big 5 I knew I had been lucky during my stay, so that’s why this experience hits spot number 5.

4. A Cruise in the Bahamas

The crystal blue waters and the golden sand of the Caribbean makes this a solid choice for number 4, the summer of 2018 I crossed this off my list. I will always remember the surge of excitement that filled my body as I boarded in Miami. Speed walking my way through the ship to all the facilities they had on board. The many restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, sports facilities, even a casino and so much more. You can simply never get bored on board. Anyway, after 2 Island stops, many stunning beaches and a morning snorkeling I would love to relive this experience once again.

3. The Grand Canyon

Nothing quite prepares you for that first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, something so extraordinary, that I have been desperate to see for many years. During my time in Las Vegas last summer (You can read all about this in my Las Vegas guide). I took a long coach trip and when I say long, I mean long. When the coach finally comes to a stop, I jump eagerly to the window hoping to cast my eyes upon the canyon, but no just a visitors centre/cafe. I grabbed my bag, jumped off the coach and ran through the building that blocked my view.

The Grand Canyon left me speechless, I can’t put into words how I felt at this point so I’m not even going to try. I remember being bursting for the toilet but not wanting to lose sight of the Canyon in case I was in fact dreaming, silly thought I know. I explored one of the south rim trails, which was beautiful, there was also a small museum that explained how the rocks formed what we see today. 3 hours and well over 300 photos later my time at the Grand Canyon was up. I would love to return and visit a different section, and possibly do a helicopter tour.

2. Bungee Jump

I told myself time and time again that I would never do a bungee jump, yet here I am ranking it as number two. I did this whilst traveling the Garden route (South Africa) in 2017. Many people I was traveling with signed up to jump, however I was adamant that I was never going to do this, as even fair ground rides make me sick, so I opted to go to the cafe instead. Hours went by as watched many people jump and return unharmed and vomit free, a strange urge to jump filled my head. I let this thought sit in my mind for minutes, whilst friends warned me of the regret I would feel if I didn’t jump. I soon came to my senses and before I knew it, I was dragging my terrified self along the long walk to the jumping point on Bloukrans bridge.

I got geared up and was called forward to jump, with my legs tied together I was almost carried to the edge. Where I Stood and figuratively SH*T myself!. I feel no shame in admitting the fear I felt at that point. I grabbed the two men holding me, so tightly, terrified to let go. “THREE” “TWO “ONE” “JUMP” the man shouted. The next thing I could hear was the gushing wind filling my ears and my own voice shouting F*CK so many times as I plummeted down towards the lake that lay below. Next came the stomach turning moment of the bounce from the bungee as I reached my lowest descent. Adrenaline filled my body like never before as did blood to my head. I was dangling 200 metres in the air bouncing back and forth until a guy abseiled down to bring me back up. This experience sits at number 2 due to the amount of fear I felt and my battle to overcome it, plus the adrenaline rush it provides, is like nothing I have ever felt before.

1. Shark Cage Diving

Having loved sharks for as long as I can remember, makes this an experience I hold close to me. I did this just off the coast of Mossel bay in South Africa, ONE day after I conquered the bungee jump, an intense 2 days you might say. Arriving in our boat to Seal Island the captain found a good spot to drop anchor. Within in just 10 minutes I heard a fellow passenger shout “LOOK”, as I turned I saw a glimpse of a sharks jaw filled with what was left of a defenseless seal. Immediately followed by a pool of blood filling that section of the ocean. I geared up into my wet suit and waited for my turn to step into the 6 man cage. I will never forget the anxious feeling whilst in the cage waiting for the guy above to shout “DOWN”. The second I heard the command, I threw myself under the water and right before my eyes lay a 6 metre great white shark. So powerful in the water as they swim up close to the cage, allowing the perfect view of such amazing creatures. My section of the cage fell victim to many head on attacks, as the sharks try to bite through the cage, leaving only teeth marks behind. My only regret is that I didn’t own a Go Pro at this time, although this has made the experience much more personal to me.

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