Three reasons to do a winter season

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In this blog I will discuss from my experience three reasons you should hit the mountains next winter.

1. Learn a new skill

Working a winter season will for sure teach you a new skill, whether this is skiing or snowboarding as you will have plenty opportunity to catch those fresh tracks and powder days as most jobs offer great mountain time. Snow sports aside you could attempt to learn the local language. In my experience I have heard many people say to me at the start of season they will learn to speak French, very few achieved it. I even spent a season living with an ex French teacher, so like most people I thought it was a golden opportunity to learn, however even now I still class my French as very basic.

Other skills I want to touch on are what I like to call “life skills” these are skills you for sure will use in the future. It’s no lie that working a ski season no matter what your role is there will be a heavy amount of cleaning.

“That sucks” you might think, well yes it does, however, let’s face it one day you will be grateful for the hours you spent on your hands and knees scrubbing behind the toilet. Lastly cooking, yes for sure if you are based in a chalet whether working as a chef or a host you will be able to impress your friends and family once you are home by throwing together a delicious 3 course meal with canapes.

2. Opportunities

The number of opportunities a season can offer is huge, as always, I would say you get out of it what you put into it, that being said if you really impress some of your guests, they may offer you job opportunities yes that’s right! The main one for me is the networking with fellow seasonaires, quite often the people you work with may have been on all sorts of adventures, so get talking to them, ask where they have been. These conversations often happen in a bar; however, these can often be conversations that can map out then next year of your life, and help you discover an adventure you didn’t even know existed.

3. Gain Confidence

The confidence you will gain from this experience is life changing, it has certainly helped me in many ways. At the start of your season you will be faced with the possibly daunting task of meeting everyone you will be working with for the season.

I wont lie, this is kind of awkward to begin with, it quite often just consists of having the same conversation with several different people whilst eating a tasty first night dinner.
However once you have done this the first season it becomes so much easier in the future.

I earned most of my confidence from constantly meeting new people and working seasons you will meet a huge number of different people every week, in the form of your guests. You almost become an expert in having a conversation with strangers. After a couple of weeks, you tend to learn the best structure of a conversation when first meeting someone, Since I established this, I have gained so much confidence and allowed me to have more meaningful conversations with people.

After season

Season coming to an end is a sad time, having to part with not being on the mountains until next season, and saying goodbye to friends can be hard too.

However, you will be able to reflect on what an amazing season you had, you can go home, meet friends and family and tell them many stories from mad things you did on the mountains to things you can’t remember on a night out.

Most importantly you will make many personal developments, whether its mastering the mountains, cooking up a storm or cleaning in style. You will most certainly make incredible plans for the summer and gain the confidence to take on the world!

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